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Standardization of geographical names

The Fourth UNGEGN Conference in Geneva 1982 passed a resolution recommending countries to publish and keep up-to-date Toponymic Guidelines  for map and other editors, which may enable cartographers of other countries to solve problems related to cartographic toponymy and which may be of help to all users in interpreting maps.

Toponymic Guidelines are designed to meet the needs of the editors of not only cartographic works but also of other publications using geographical names.

Since 1982, Toponymic Guidelines have been published by Norden Division participating countries, and some guidelines have even been updated several times. The national Toponymic Guidelines can be viewed below, some even with short overview articles.


Toponymic Guidelines: (E/CONF/101/10) (pdf file)
Folder on correct spelling of geographical names (pdf file in Danish)
Folder on the correct representation of street-names (pdf file in Danish)

Faroe Islands

See under Denmark


Overview of toponymic guidelines
Toponymic Guidelines (pdf file)


See under Denmark


Toponymic Guidelines: (E/CONF.74/L.15) (pdf file in English)


Toponymic Guidelines (pdf file)


Toponymic Guidelines: (LMV-rapport 2007:6) (pdf file in Swedish and English)