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UNGEGN Resolutions

An important result of the work of UNGEGN are the UN Resolutions on the standardization of geographical names which are adopted at the UNGEGN-conferences held at five-year intervals. The resolutions passed are not legally binding but can be compared to high level internationally recommended standards.

Resolution I/4: National Standardization (1967)

This resolution sets the foundation for the international standardization of geographical names within the respective UN Nations. This resolutions contains recommendations for five main areas, namely: a) National Name Authorities, b) Collection of Geographical Names, c) Principles of Office Treatment of Geographical Names, d) Multilingual Areas, e) National Gazetteers. All other resolutions may be seen as amendments to this resolution. Click here to read Resolution I/4 in pdf format.

Other UNGEGN Resolutions

More than 150 resolutions have been adopted by the UNGEGN since the first conference in 1967. In 2007 all UNGEGN resolutions were compiled and organized by subject in a single document. This was done on initiative of Helen Kerfoot, Chairperson of UNGEGN. Below is a database and a list of the most important UNGEGN Resolutions with brief descriptions and links to the resolution texts.

UNGEGN resolutions database,  
UNGEGN resolutions in pdf format listed by subject:

  1. Standardization of Geographical Names
  2. United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names
  3. International Co-Operation in the Standardization of Geographical Names
  4. Toponymic Guidelines for Map and Other Editors
  5. National Standardization
  6. Regional Meetings
  7. Education and Training in Treatment of Geographical Names
  8. Terminology, including Glossaries
  9. List Country Names
  10. Preparation of Gazetteers
  11. Bibliographies
  12. Exchange of Experience
  13. Automated Data Processing / Digital Data
  14. Exonyms
  15. Romanization
  16. Romanization by Languages
  17. Maritime and Undersea feature Names
  18. Names of Features Beyond a Single Sovereignty
  19. Extraterrestrial Feature Names
  20. Geographical Names from Unwritten Languages
  21. Manual of National Name Standardization
  22. Aids to Pronunciation
  23. Minority Languagues
  24. Physiographic Names
  25. Geographical Names on Tourist Maps
  26. Vote of Thanks